A Refutation of the Marxist Concept of Worker Exploitation

The visualization that most of us perceive when we hear the term exploitation is that of a child laborer from the turn of the century, slaving in a factory, barely large enough to operate the machinery. The Marxist concept of exploitation rests on the assumption that since businesses essentially coerce employees, they simultaneously exploit the employees. The logic being that, since the employees have little … Continue reading A Refutation of the Marxist Concept of Worker Exploitation

An Analysis of Post-Protectionism

With the Trump Administration in full swing, and the widely discussed “Trumponomics” (the very aptly name for the administration’s economic policy) beginning to enter into it’s early stages, it is important we dissect and attempt to vindicate the president’s plans to rebuild our economy. The Trump Administration’s economic policy is best understood simplified into three main classifications: protectionism, deregulation, and minimalist taxation. Simply by separating … Continue reading An Analysis of Post-Protectionism

Climate Change: Fact or Fallacy?

Climate Change has often been quoted as being ‘The foremost threat to our environment’ and the ‘Greatest Threat of the 21st Century’. According to a Pew Research Center survey, there is a global consensus that climate change is a significant issue, with a majority in all 40 nations polled considering it a serious problem, while a global median of 54% regard the situation to be … Continue reading Climate Change: Fact or Fallacy?

What Initiated the American Civil War?

Introduction: One of the most common misconceptions in today’s world is that the Confederacy was founded on racism. The people who believe this come to this conclusion by saying that the war was about slavery, which is half true, and half wrong. They are correct in saying that slavery is the largest reason for the secession, but they don’t give any context as to why … Continue reading What Initiated the American Civil War?

Pros & Cons of The Affordable Care Act

Introduction: The Affordable Care Act, or more commonly known as ObamaCare, is a particularly controversial topic in America’s political atmosphere. There are two popular opinions on ObamaCare, either that it’s great or that it’s awful. Usually, whenever people think that it’s great they fail to look at the bad side of the act, or if they think it’s awful they fail to see the benefits. … Continue reading Pros & Cons of The Affordable Care Act

The Evils of the Bureau of Land Management

Introduction: One of the less known government agencies is the BLM or the Bureau of Land Management, but it has one of the largest effects. Many people think of the Bureau as a good thing, an agency that helps conserve the earth and gives people land that they can explore without trespassing. But if you ask around the ranching community or research deeply into the … Continue reading The Evils of the Bureau of Land Management

The Case for Capitalism

Introduction: I’m going to address the benefits of capitalism and then refute some of the arguments against capitalism. Technological Advancements and Cheaper and Better Products: The free market is the market of competition, and with that competition comes many benefits, including technological advancements, cheaper products, and better products, but for now, I’m going to focus on one benefit, in particular, technological advancements. Technology makes the … Continue reading The Case for Capitalism